As an Executive Protection professional, your primary objective is to protect and ensure the safety of any VIP or team in the private sector. Our training will provide you with the professional skills and know-how to reach this objective in both routine and emergency situations. 



Gaining the control and command abilities required to lead a security team, including the qualities and roles of good leadership

Practicing security management, including the ability to operate team formations, implement team work and use different problem-solving methods

Gaining familiarity with various security systems and monitoring methods

Learning how to define the security level and means, based on needs


Designing security field files and the security set needed to protect the event and the facility


Learning to analyze the facility architecture and possible risks, as well as identifying suspects


Combat shooting and Krav Maga training


Getting a VIP out of a crowded area and protecting them while in motion


Undercover VIP protection and team protection

Phenomenal, useful and great informative session. I can't wait until the actual self-defense and training sessions. It's not only something we can use here at work, but at home to protect our family and friends as well.


Boca Raton, FL 
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